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Textnow Free Us Phone Number Apk Pros And Cons 2023 is our today’s topic. TextNow Free US Phone Number and the APK will connect you to friends. And relatives in the United States and Canada via limitless free text messages and phone calls TextNow is dubbed a phone service for everyone. Is a voice-over-internet protocol service (VoIP).

Textnow Free Us Phone Number Apk Pros And Cons 2022

Although it is not a completely simple network service, as the above definition implies. Text Now Number Lookup provides intriguing free plans to consumers in North America. Right from the outset, these are things you can get with Text Now App besides a free US phone number:

  • Voice calls allow you to communicate with friends and family.
  • Send image messages (and also receive pic)
  • Emojis, GIFs, and other visual effects can use.
  • Also, you may transcribe voicemails, transfer calls, Sign text messages, change ringtones and vibrations, and so on.

Before we get to the TextNow Free US Phone Number, we’ll go through some of the features. More information is provided below.

Textnow Free Us Phone Number Apk: Text Now App Features

Adding to the list of free features available through the TextNow sim kit, we emphasize the following:

Widget For The:

Any useful functionality on a device’s home screen is always welcome. TextNow allows you to not only send text messages but also make phone calls with this widget. The experience also has an excellent UI touch, thanks to TextNow’s changeable backdrop.

SMS, But Synchronised To Your Pc Or Laptop:

Have you seen yet? To begin with, the address is a thing. It allows you to send and receive text messages from your mobile phone on your PC. What happens to the messages? The answer breaks on the next outstanding free feature of this program, Unified Inbox.

Inbox Unification:

If customers have one complaint, other than cost. About a messaging service, they pin it on too many message folders. Messages from a pre-categorized cohort get divided into distinct folders, making it simple to ignore.

TextNow provides a simple solution to this massive oversight by providing a Unified Inbox. As a result, you only need to focus on one folder to view your text messages. And that’s your Text Now App inbox.


Your Text Now App Free US does not expose any of its user space to unauthorized penetration. The phone number has a Passcode option. Every time someone wants to see text messages on your phone, it demands the code. Which requires the previous configuration.

What more can you get on the app? The Google Smart Lock is one option.

Google Smart Lock:

This feature assures that you do not have login troubles due to password issues. All you have to do is connect your phone to the feature. Voila! Everything is in order. You may then log in whenever you like.


Because of its free services, the Text Now App – Free Us Phone Number will continue to grow as long as trends continue. These include free texts, free phone calls, and free mobile telephony in general. You may connect to roughly ten (10) different lines via voice calls.

Furthermore, the data is large for non-subscription offerings. This offer, but, requires a $40 monthly membership to operate with your Textnow – Free Us Phone Number. Furthermore, the data specifics receive a bottom-barrel rating. As it reduces to 2GB from its initial 23GB of LTE (the standard plan is the Unlimited LTE Plan).


So far, the only irksome, if not unpleasant, aspect of obtaining a TextNow Free US Phone Number is that You will have to wait for a popup video or a fit-to-screen image advertisement every time. You make a free phone call with TextNow. This occurs also with zero reductions on any number of sim purchases on the Family Plan.

TextNow appears to support only a handful of phones for its free service. Unfortunately, the most popular gadgets are becoming outmoded, with near-obsolete functionality. Also, you must pay for the TextNow-compatible sim card to activate it. That kind of undermines TextNow’s free network argument. In the next part, you’ll learn how to get a Textnow – Free Us Phone Number.

TextNow Free US Phone Number May Be Get Using The App Or APK.

If you’re okay with the advertisements and phone call choices on TextNow. Follow the steps below to receive a free US or Canadian phone number.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download
    Open an account for the installed TextNow app to use the following actions.
  • Enter your username and password, followed by Choosing an Area Code for your selected US area.
  • As a result, TextNow provides you with a free US phone number.

It should be noted that the app may not work on all devices. For example, it will not operate on your iPhone 12, reducing the software’s usefulness.

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