INB Network Marketing 2023 INB Network Review

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INB Network Marketing 2023 INB Network Review is our today’s topic. INB Network Review: INB.Network, at the retail end of AI Marketing, musters entire MLM outfits. Signaling the convergence of the two platforms. This begins with the corporate owner’s normal anonymity. Besides, the corporation provides a trail of domain purchasing dates in the following order:

INB Network Marketing 2022 INB Network Review

Last year, a private registration on August 8, 2018, was updated. Since it works as an affiliate plug. That appears on the AI Marketing website. The firm has consolidated as a reboot trigger for AI Marketing in the ensuing years. The shared counter between AI Marketing and INB Network. iNeuroChange is said to be the greatest indicator that the two firms are the same.

Another sign of their collaboration is their same domain update date of November 9th, last year. Concerns have recently been raised about the authenticity of INB.Network as an investing platform. Our INB Network Review covers several major difficulties with the organization. And its investment initiatives in this regard. More information on our findings is found below.

Overview Of The INB Network Marketing

INB Network Review: Since its start, the platform has maintained an MLM-free work slate. But this before concealed aspect is now visible. After a few years of dormancy, AI Marketing resurfaces as an INB Network partner via an alleged STK Global-linked iNEuroChange exchange.

But, before taking on prominent MLM duties. AI marketing offered affiliate vouchers through INB Network. As a result, their professional histories are intertwined. Furthermore, the two firms are indirectly linked to offshore addresses in Hong Kong. And Russia (Zarya LTD) is a typical MLM warren. Despite its efforts to conceal the INB Network’s location. The firm exhibits characteristics that imply it has links to at least one Russian operator.

Our INB Network Review discovers the first hint of this Russian cue from Alexa. This indicates that Russians account for a significant part of the website’s visitors. The fact that iNeuroChange contains Russian subtitles, also English, demonstrates the link. Instead of discussing the parallel investment programs of both platforms, we will do so from now on. The company’s rankings see in the next part of this INB Network Review.

Affiliate Positions

On the site, INB Network affiliates can earn on several tiers of membership packages. The INB.Network Partner package is at the bottom of the ladder, as seen in the list below. The accumulated percentage gains are shown in brackets.

  • Platinum Director (15%) Sales for a total of $268,435,456 sales in your referral downline.
  • Gold Director (15% commission) sells for a total of $134,217,728 in your referral downline.
  • Diamond Director (15 percent commission) Is accessible in your referral teams for a $67,108,864 sales pile-up.
  • Sapphire Director (15 percent commission) available for a total sales volume of $16,777,216 generated by your downlines.
  • Ruby Director (15% commission) you may get the bundle for $4,194,304 in sales volume from your downlines.
  • VIP Director (15 percent commission) owing to investments in your referral downlines. The package sells for a $1,048,576 sales volume. Due to investments in your downlines, the package sells for a $524,288 sales volume as a Leading Director (14 percent commission).
  • Director (13 percent commission) sells at a total investment of $262,144 resulting from downlines.
  • VIP Manager (12 percent fee) sells at a total investment of $131,072 resulting through downlines
  • Leading Manager (10.5 percent commission) Is accessible for a referral investment of $65,536 in downline pile-ups.
  • Manager (9% commission) eligible for $32,768 in referral investments in downline pile-ups.

Agents Commission On INB Network Marketing

  • VIP Agent (7% commission) because of your downlines. you may get the package for an $8192 investment volume.
  • Leading Agent (6% commission) owing to your downlines. The bundle sells for a $4096 investment volume.
  • Agent (5 percent commission) sells for a $10 investment as a result of referral pile-ups.
  • Partner (5 percent commission) accessible with INB Marketing membership registration. Also, you must invest $10 in AI Marketing.

Furthermore, according to our INB Network Review, the firm transacts in PRTN. And NBO tokens (besides membership payments in fiat).


INB Network’s NBO cum PRTN token, like that of other MLM organizations, is a non-fungible asset. The affiliate program of the corporation thus acts as a camouflaged ICO for a worthless coin. Furthermore, when the brief gig comes to a close. INB Network will rely on a cache of investor capital to support its cryptocurrency.

INB Network, like AI Marketing, allegedly pays out commissions via utilizing bot traders. For what it’s worth, this claim should be regarded with a grain of salt. Given the nature of unregulated crypto brokerages. INB Marketing may be luring unsuspecting investors rather than trading actual crypto assets.

INB Network Review: INB Network Marketing Credibility

The INB Network Review: Aside from the iNeuroChange. Nothing in the company’s internet footprint connects it to a credible source. There are no forensic jurisprudence assessments of INB Network’s bot traders. Furthermore, nothing on the website demonstrates this. That the organization deals with any AI technology.

In this sense, INB Network can only keep its MLM pitch going by redistributing NBO tokens. And PRTN coins along affiliate tiers to smooth out peaks in its withdrawal charts. If this occurs, the firm will be an outright Ponzi scheme. Also, our INB Network Review discovers that the firm has low trust rankings on automated scam detectors.

While having no connection with questionable sites. Furthermore, considering its secret origins as a covert MLM end of the AI Market. INB Network’s favored style of operation generates skepticism. The standard MLM lockstep progress always suggests uncontrolled security, another opportunity for Ponzi.

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