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How Much Health Does The Warden Have? 2023 Best Info is our today’s topic. The Minecraft Community has been talking about the Warden for months, as the boss is getting closer and closer to being added to the game. The Warden has been in a lot of snapshots, and over time, the balance has changed and new powers have been added.

This raises some big questions about the boss mob for the players. How hard will it be to kill the Warden? How does the Warden compare to the other boss mobs in Minecraft? Here is all the information players need.

How Much Health Does The Warden Have? 2023 Best Info

How Much Health Does The Warden Have? 2023 Best Info
How Much Health Does The Warden Have Minecraft

The Warden Or Guard

The Warden has 500 life all together. This is the same as having 250 hearts in the game. It was made to be a powerful force of nature that is impossible to kill before it kills the player with all the damage it does. Mojang wanted people to be afraid of the Warden, and this huge pool of energy was a great start.

The Wither

This huge amount of health is by far the most of any mob in the Java Edition of the game. The next closest enemy is the Wither boss, who only has 300 life, or 150 hearts.

The Bedrock players of the game, on the other hand, might be able to do better than this new boss. For players on Bedrock who are also playing in a world with the hard challenge level, the Wither boss has 600 life, which is 300 hearts. The Warden has 50 less lives than this.

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The Other Group Leaders How Much Health Does The Warden Have?

In the game, there are two more boss mobs. The Elder Guardian and the Ender Dragon. Most people in the community think of the older guardian as a mini boss because he or she isn’t as strong as the other bosses. But since there are three older guards at each ocean monument, they are about the same level as the other bosses.

Each older guardian has 80 life, which is shown as 40 hearts in the game. This means that a boss fight at an ocean monument costs 120 hearts, which is less than half of the Warden’s overall strength. If you look at each older guardian on its own, it has less than a sixth of the Warden’s life pool.

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The ender dragon is the boss that has been around the longest and is most well-known. This boss has a decent 200 life, which is only 100 hearts. An iron golem, which the player can make for cheap, has 100 life, which is the same as 50 hearts.

This also means that, in terms of strength, the Warden is stronger than two whole Ender Dragons. You are looking at this post, which is about how much life the Warden in Minecraft has. GiƔo Dc Vit told us about selection and synthesis, as well as other topics that are connected. Hope you enjoy reading our article How Much Health Does The Warden Have?

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